Fight the Flu: How to stay healthy during flu season

It seems like you can take all precautions and yet your preschooler gets sick at least once during these cold, winter months.  That’s pretty normal. However, if your child seems to be getting sick more often than they are feeling healthy, then it’s time to change some habits.  There are many factors that go along…

Surviving The Holidays With Your Babies

Life seems to always be busy with the holiday season adding even more responsibilities, errands and parties. Stop and breathe. We have curated 7 survival tips especially for parents with children around the holidays. When reading our list, take into consideration what is best for YOUR family and for your young children. Depending on their ages, you can tweak a tip to better fit your current situation. The holidays should be a time filled with joy, giving, & family time.

Teaching Thankfulness

The holidays are full of hustle and bustle, running errands, buying gifts, baking, hosting family and friends…the list goes on.  During all of the chaos, your children are watching and taking everything in. It’s the perfect time to teach them about being thankful.  What exactly does it mean to be truly thankful and how do you teach that to a preschooler? We’ve broken it down into five simple topics and how to discuss them with your toddler.  

Child Care Pick Up: Tips for the End-of-Day Routine

Transitions can be tricky for everyone, adults as well as children. As your child moves from one part of their day to the next they sometimes need time to adjust to different activities, different people and a different environment.

Get a Head Start… Early Childhood Education for Infants

Learning begins at birth. Infant-development experts believe that the first years of a child’s life are a prime time for learning. A large portion of a child’s foundational development occurs from birth to age three. In fact, 90% of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years of their life, making it a…