Summer Camp: A Stress-Free Summer With The Kids

Summer is coming and we are all looking forward to sunshine, warmth, and with a bit of luck, a break from the usual routine! Are you searching for a summer camp? Read on…


Although it is great to have your kids around in the summer, it can start to be stressful to always come up with activities. Every parent wants to make sure that there is plenty for the kids to do and enjoy. Summer camp is a great way to avoid the worry. Our Kids Camp at Kaleidoscope Kids in Ridgefield, Connecticut runs from mid-June to mid-August, and is open to children ages zero to twelve. The price and scheduling options for summer camp offer the same flexibility as our regular program!

Even if you aren’t working during the days, summer camp is a great opportunity for your child to learn new things, make new friends, and interact in a different environment (and also gives you some days for yourself!). Summer camps can also provide opportunities for outdoor play and exploration. At Kaleidoscope Kids, we value outdoor time and give outdoor activities high priority.

Spots at top summer camps fill up, so book in advance. Make sure to give us a call at 203-403-7271 to get your child’s spot reserved at Kaleidoscope Kids.

Want to learn more?

At Kaleidoscope Kids, summer camp counselors focus on giving children the opportunity to develop a positive self-image in a non-competitive atmosphere. There are camp programs for yoga, music, gymnastics and sun-and-fun water activities. The camp offers children field trips to places around the Ridgefield, Connecticut area like Splashdown Water park, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, bowling, in-house guests and more.

Kaleidoscope Kids Summer Camp Values Outdoor Play

An emphasis on the importance of outdoor play at Kaleidoscope Kids ensures a higher level of activity and is useful in increasing fitness levels. Healthy pastimes provide experiences that lead to a more active future.

More active play reduces the impact of time spent watching TV at home or playing computer games. Plus, garden and outdoor games are fun!

At Kaleidoscope Kids we have a huge outdoor playspace that is perfect for outdoor activities.

olympic day 1

We Have Tons Of Water Activities To Stay Cool!

Nothing says summer like flying down a water slide.Children love the refreshing thrill of water and speed on hot summer days!

The outdoor space at Kaleidoscope Kids is equipped with many unique, fun and very safe ways to get wet. Sprinklers, slides, hoses, buckets, water toys and plenty of sun tan lotion are in use daily.


The Places We’ll Go! Sensational Field Trips With Kaleidoscope Kids…

Young children learn from their experiences. They use their senses to gather information about the world around them. That’s why field trips play an important role in the summer curriculum at Kaleidoscope Kids.

Smelling the air or listening to the sounds around them, a field trip does not have to be elaborate to be effective. Exciting weekly summer field trips along with fun, entertaining discovery walks, we’ve got it all.

fire dept cute kid

It Wouldn’t Be “Camp” Without A Tent

Introducing camping outdoors makes an unforgettable summer experience for kids of all ages. Children pitch the tent together. The shade and screened roof provide a welcome oasis of warm breezes and leafy shadows. Children spend time sitting together talking, reading and inventing stories.


At Kaleidoscope Kids, Children Get To Know Nature – First Hand

“Will it bite me? Is it poisonous? Is it a baby? Where is its mother?” – as children experience nature an avalanche of questions come tumbling out.

Summer provides many opportunities to learn in a natural environment. The outdoor spaces are full of plants, trees, flowers, water, dirt, sand and insects. Just add discovery and the power of their imagination.


Kaleidoscope Kids Offer Tons of Art-Based Activities!

T-shirts full of real hand prints and their co-camper’s names is just one of the mementos that remind children of their fun summer. Mixing colors, making a mess and making art is easy outdoors. Kids create lots of things using materials we adults toss! Getting creative each day makes them feel special and good about themselves.


Only At Kaleidoscope Kids…

For over a decade, we’ve made kids happy, and given busy parents peace of mind…

No decision is more important than to whom you entrust your child. We pride ourselves on our acclaimed early childhood education program. Our teachers, each of whom is a certified early childhood education specialist, encourage the class to explore and develop each child’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder.

Don’t miss out on the fun, contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about our SUMMER child care program in Ridgefield, Connecticut!

Give us a call at 203-403-7271 to get signed up.

You can also request more info about our summer camp via email here.

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