10 Self-Care Reminders For Working Moms From Kaleidoscope Kids…

Does this sound familiar?  The creeping frantic feeling in the produce aisle trying to remember to get dog food, while simultaneously making an orthodontist appointment and picking the least-bruised apple in the pile? Yup? We’re working moms! It’s us! We are busy and we need self care.

Balance is a necessity for joy. Between dropping off your child for care, making lunch for your elementary school kids, scheduling the baby’s appointment, it’s all a lot to deal with! And working moms are especially vulnerable to burn out. The secret to navigating work-life balance is a healthy self-care routine. You’ve heard it before, but we want to remind you, the 10 minutes here and there dedicated to self-care make all the difference! 


To help you out, Kaleidoscope Kids Child Care has put together our top tips to self-care for working moms. Because believe us, we know what it’s like to be a working mom, we are working moms too!

1. Get enough sleep. You know it, you’ve heard it, but it’s so, so hard to listen to it. Don’t be a heroine. You can’t do it all. It’s already 10 pm, you have to get up at 5 am, and you still have a mountain of laundry and dishes to do. Pick one. Or none. Do them tomorrow. You’ll eventually catch up, and all will be well in the world. Go. To. Bed. It will make you better in the long run. The sleep will make you more effective at the task in the morning.


2. Make school lunch simple. Honestly, it’s okay if you ditched the Bento boxes and tiny, star-shaped crust cutters two weeks into the school year. It’s good in theory, but most mom’s don’t have 30 minutes to food origami every morning? Send the kids to school with a KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid.) A sandwich, something crunchy, something sweet, and a drink. Kids don’t need 12 things in their lunch. They’re throwing it away. I promise.

3. Hide. Every day. Find a quiet spot where no one can find you. Even for 10 minutes. Let your people know that this is just as much for their benefit as it is yours. (It’s kind of the same with sleep, a couple minutes will make you more effective in the long run.)

During this time, no one can need you for anything. Leave your phone where you can’t access it. Breathe. Decompress. Fantasize about the abandoned, tropical island you wish you were sitting on with no cell service or poopy diapers. Just make sure to come back. 🙂

4. Eat healthy, knowing that when you take care of yourself, you can take better care of others. Taking care of your body in tandem with your brain creates warm fuzzies. It’s a scientific fact. I’m pretty sure they’re actually called “warm fuzzies” too. There’s only one you. The better you feed it, the better you’ll feel.

5. Exercise. Move, even if it’s 10 minutes. Do what works for your schedule. Walk. Run. Hate yourself and do burpees. Just move. It keeps you young and increases energy.

6. Don’t work off the clock at your job. No one gets medals for working for free. It’ll just make you resentful and tired. Keep work at work.


7. Eat at least one meal a week together as a family. To some, this may seem underachieving. But for busy families, between work, school, and extra-curricular schedules fitting in a meal at least once a week can seem impossible. Try it. Dinner, breakfast, snack. Whatever the meal- eat it together. Conversations will organically develop, and you may even get some spontaneous laughs. Those are my favorite kinds of memories.

8. Plan activities unrelated to work and parenting. Detach. You must. It will save your soul. Your individual identity cannot be a mom. And it cannot be work. Balance. Repeat that. Balance. Cue happy hour.

9. Talk about your challenges. Be realistic. If you’re having difficulty with work-life balance, make a list of your schedule. See what can be moved or omitted. If you find that there isn’t enough weekend time to prepare for the next week, chances are, you’re doing too much. Always being one step behind at home can cause constant stress. Stay ahead of it.

10. Find your village. Moms need support. We need it in case of emergencies. We need a village to validate us when we feel like we have nothing left to give the kids hate us and we went to work with one black sock and one blue sock on today because the kids used the last of the creamer for cereal for last night’s dinner and we didn’t have our coffee this morning. Be kind to each other. Be a village.

The community at Kaleidoscope Kids is one of a kind! We are here to support you. We also offer an outstanding flex time package to busy moms in the Ridgefield, Connecticut area. Commuters to New York City especially love it!


Here are some more unique benefits we offer with at Kaleidoscope Kids Child Care…

*Our programs facilitate your children’s growth by matching them with other kids so they can learn and teach each other.

*Our dedicated and supportive teachers create small classroom sizes with the lowest teacher to child ratios, in order to pay close attention to your child’s needs and development.

*Our center is the only center in Connecticut with a huge grassy playscape! Not only that, we also have a level rubber playscape for your infants to learn to walk, and a huge sandbox for your toddlers!

*Our programs highlight outdoor playtime and learning with many seasonal events. From sledding in the winter, to fall petting zoos and “Water Day Wednesday’s” in the summer!

*Our Flex Time and Flex Care packages offer extended hours, customized care and call ahead services to cater to your busy schedules, commuter hours and last minute needs.

*Our team of staff members and teachers create a culture that radiate positivity and love, leaving your children inspired and excited to come to school.

*Our Watch Me Grow live streaming service allows you to have peace of mind with a bird’s eye view on their children’s activities throughout the day.

*Our program includes daily check-ins and reports with Brightwheel; keeping you updated and involved in your children’s success and progress.

*Our program values strong community involvement by donating time, money and supplies to areas in need.

Whether you are just looking around or are interested in enrolling your child immediately, we are excited to learn more about you and your family! We look forward to helping you make the best choice for your big decision. We will follow up with more information and a phone call to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, if you would like to book a tour, do not hesitate to call us at 203-403-7271.

Spots fill up fast so call us today to schedule a tour and we look forward to meeting you!

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