Get a Head Start… Early Childhood Education for Infants

Learning begins at birth.

Infant-development experts believe that the first years of a child’s life are a prime time for learning. A large portion of a child’s foundational development occurs from birth to age three. In fact, 90% of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years of their life, making it a critical window for early education as they develop new skills and explore new learning opportunities.

This is why a high quality infant child care program is so important – the day-to-day, early care and education experiences of infants and toddlers influence their lifelong learning!

As infants, children learn the basics of human interaction, including how to communicate with others, regulate their emotions, and generally make sense of the world. It is essential that an infant care program, like ours at Kaleidoscope Kids, provide children with nurturance, comfort, and appropriate interaction with adults and peers, along with fun and active play. Quality early care also needs to meet the child at his or her level with keen attention to safety, health, and language development.

Want to give your infant the head start they deserve? We have immediate openings in our Infant & Toddler Program at Kaleidoscope Kids! We are simply the BEST quality child care around. Here are some major highlights your baby will benefit from when they enroll with us…


Infants learn by experimenting and interacting with their world. Low, open, uncluttered shelves with clean, high-quality toys invite children to play and explore. Toys are rotated on a regular basis so that the children never grow tired of them.

Mirrors are an endless source of fascination for children in this age range. The reflected image is constantly changing, and responds directly to the child’s movements, which is often the key to self identification.

A large mirror at the child’s level, with a foam mat on top of a padded carpet, provides an ideal spot to explore facial expressions and develop visual dexterity by focusing on objects at different focal lengths.

Exposure to music is a very important part of a child’s cognitive development. The infants’ lesson plans include singing songs every day, plus a wide variety of music that is used to create a rich soundscape as a background for different activities during the day.


All of our infant and toddler teachers are trained early childhood development professionals with specialized training in infant growth and development. Our teachers are warm and attentive, spending “heart-to-heart” time daily with each child – feeding, snuggling, dancing, reading, and laughing. Kaleidoscope Kids caregivers make sure children are safe and comfortable, creating close, trusting relationships with infants and families. We understand how unique your child and family is, and they respect every family’s culture.


Grabbing plastic rings, rolling on a soft blanket, making a toy squeak—what fun! Babies look, smell, hear, taste, and touch their way to understanding the world around them. Moving around freely in a safe space, babies can reach and explore objects—a key to learning. Our caregivers offer infants safe, interesting materials that spark their curiosity and invite babies to discover what they can do with their own bodies and with the things around them.

We love to encourage learning through exploration to help babies make sense of their world. Our infant program allows plenty of time to play and explore. Babies need lots of experiences with objects and people to begin figuring them out. Our caregivers help by telling babies the names of objects and describing what your child is doing. Over time, your infant begins to understand what things are and how they work.


Natural lighting is integrated with a facility-wide system of spotlights and overhead lights that create a beautiful effect throughout the day. The windows in the infant room are large enough to provide ample sunlight and give a sense of connection to the world outside, but small enough to give the classroom a cozy, secure atmosphere.


Parents’ involvement in a child’s care and development is important. We work closely with parents to develop individualized care plans for each child, and provide daily communication.


Children who receive quality early childhood education are reportedly more confident and curious, which causes them to perform better in grade school. Children will eventually learn how to manage challenges and build resilience in times of difficulty; settle easily at school to reap the benefits of education faster; and acquire a long-term interest in learning different things, including playing music, dancing, singing, construction, cooking, etc.

If intelligence is the ability to learn, then babies are born geniuses!

An infant’s brain is hardwired for learning, making babies the most avid students in the world. Learning is faster and more effortless than it will ever be again. At Kaleidoscope Kids, it is our goal to nurture this quality and help your children thrive at this important time in their lives! Are you ready to make the leap and begin your infant’s learning adventure?

We have immediate openings for enrollment in our Infant Program…

Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about the Kaleidoscope Kids difference! Call us at 203-403-7271

To request more information about our program click here: MORE INFO!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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