POP QUIZ: Is Kaleidoscope Kids Right For Your Family?


pop quiz kaleidoscope kids (1)

Do you want a child care center that inspires and encourages your child to love learning?

Would you like a safe, nurturing and interesting learning environment for your child?

Are you looking for a team of dedicated child development professionals who love their work just as much as they value your children?

Do you want an environment that acknowledges the differences in your child’s personality and rate of learning?

Would you love your child’s curriculum to be individually created, based on the observations of their needs, strengths, and interests?

Is your child excited to play in fun outdoor environments?

Do you want your child’s innate curiosity & imagination to bloom and flourish?

As a parent, do you want a safe and secure program that keeps you updated and involved in your children’s success and progress?

Are you looking for a family-like team of teachers who radiate positivity and love, leaving your children inspired and excited to come to school?

If you answered YES to the majority of the questions, your child may be a good candidate for Kaleidoscope Kids!

yes to kaleidoscope kids

At Kaleidoscope Kids, it is our number one goal to inspire and encourage your children to love learning. Our team of dedicated teachers and child development professionals love their work just as much as they value your children and their successful growth. We create your child’s curriculum based on the observations of the children in the classroom. This means that our teachers learn about your child’s needs, strengths, and interests and then create their curriculum from those keen observations.

In our infant to preschool programs, we strive to provide a safe, nurturing and interesting environment that your children can discover and learn in. Most importantly, we are focused on keeping your child happy, loved, engaged and secure at any age. Infants in our program learn from tummy time, fine motor development and outside exploration. Similarly, our toddler and twos program is built around inspiring boundless curiosity and a natural desire to learn all within a safe and nurturing environment. Our preschool program is designed to leave your active and enthusiastic children excited for school and make sure they are encouraged and supported to expand their knowledge.

kaleidoscope benefits

Some more unique benefits we offer at Kaleidoscope Kids Child Care:

  • Our programs facilitate your children’s growth by matching them with other kids so they can learn and teach each other.
  • Our dedicated and supportive teachers create small classroom sizes with the lowest teacher to child ratios, in order to pay close attention to your child’s needs and development.
  • Our center is the only preschool in Connecticut with a huge grassy playscape. Not only that, we also have a level rubber playscape for your infants to learn to walk, and a huge sandbox for your toddlers!
  • Our programs highlight outdoor playtime and learning with many seasonal events. From sledding in the winter, to fall petting zoos and “Water Day Wednesday’s” in the summer.
  • Our Flex Time and Flex Care packages offer extended hours, customized care and call ahead services to cater to your busy schedules, commuter hours and last minute needs.
  • Our team of staff members and teachers create a culture that radiate positivity and love, leaving your children inspired and excited to come to school.
  • Our Watch Me Grow live streaming service allows you to have peace of mind with a bird’s eye view on their children’s activities throughout the day.
  • Our program includes daily check-ins and reports with Brightwheel; keeping you updated and involved in your children’s success and progress.
  • Our program values strong community involvement by donating time, money and supplies to areas in need.

Whether you are just looking around or are interested in enrolling your child immediately, we are excited to learn more about you and your family! We look forward to helping you make the best choice for your big decision. If you would like to book a tour, do not hesitate to call us at 203-403-7271, spots fill up fast.

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