The Benefits of Music in Early Education

Here at Kaleidoscope Kids, we are passionate about creative learning. One of the best ways to strengthen young minds and to encourage creative thought is through music.

Exposure to music is a very important part of a child’s cognitive development. Our lesson plans include singing songs every day, plus a wide variety of music that is used to create a rich soundscape as a background for different daily activities. In addition, a special interactive music class with a professional music teacher is offered once per week.


With the warm weather comes some exciting new ideas for Kaleidoscope Kids

We have built new Music Walls for the Preschool Playground and on the Two’s Playground. To create our Music Walls we used donated items that make interesting sounds!


Why is music so important in early childhood education?

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.



Music is a creative experience which involves expression of feelings. Children often do not have the words to express themselves and need positive ways to release their emotions. Making music is natural and spontaneous for young children!  It begins within, and then emerges in the form of self-expression.


Music brings people together. Through music, children take an inner experience and move it into a shared creative experience. Group music-making releases energy which can be channeled in creative, productive directions. Children learn about themselves and others by playing music together and by listening to each other — tapping into hidden courage that can be played out by singing together or discovering the inner resources to listen quietly to another child’s playing.


Music has been shown to create a positive learning environment and atmosphere. It also:

  • energises learning activities;
  • changes the brain waves;
  • focuses concentration;
  • improves attention span and memory;
  • facilitates a multisensory learning experience;
  • relieves tension;
  • enriches the imagination; and
  • promotes group work through the development of cooperation.


Music inspires, motivates, adds an element of fun to the learning situation, emphasizes units with a specific topic, influences mood, connects disparate elements of learning and makes other forms of literacy available to everyone.

In addition to the developmental benefits of music, why is music important? Simply put, it provides us with joy.


Want to learn more about the benefits of music in early education and the Kaleidoscope Kids difference? Give us a call at 203-403-7271 to find out!

You can also request more info about our programs via email here.

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